Saturday, August 19, 2017


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Just a little brown-eyed girl.
Just a small-town children's park.
Not much time to play left,
Before it grew real dark.

Barely even six years old,
With pink top and capri.
She had one front tooth missing,
And a bandaid on one knee.

Her pigtails swayed back and forth,
As the swing went slowly "swoosh".
When a little voice piped in-
"Would you like a push?"

Brown eyes met brown eyes
As the two girls met gaze.
To say that they looked alike
Would be untruthful praise.

Yes, they both had brown eyes.
Both were beautiful and kind.
But the only way they could appear the same
Was if you were colorblind.

They were as different as black and white-
And I mean what I say.
But that sure didn't stop those girls
From having fun that day.

Yet here we sit, as a Nation,
Divided up in bits.
One side tries to outdo the other
In who throws bigger fits.

It's racism. It's supremacy.
It's "which life matters more?"
It's "Let's tear down the statues
Cuz what someone did before."

It's "Let's start a protest."
It's "I gotta click this poll."
It's "Both sides fight at riot."
And "Another dead while on patrol."

It's local news t.v.
Covering violence on the rise.
And all for what? What's the game?
The winner gets what prize?

Y'all, we all have eyes, we all have hearts.
We all have hopes and dreams.
We've all been afraid before,
Been hurt by some cruel scheme.

Let me tell you this, my petty friends,
At the conclusion of this game,
No one is superior under a coffin lid;
All skin colors bleed the same.

And in eternity, when judgment comes,
When the Good Lord strips your pride,
He'll look at us, at this whole strife,
And say, "Was it for this I died?"

The love and grace He brought us,
The salvation UNTO ALL,
Leaves NO room for prejudice.
That just ain't our call.

So love one another.
Judge as you wish to be.
For one day, He will make all things right-
In eternity.